Medtronic asks court for royalties, interest in NuVasive case; Quanterix to partner on TB test;

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> Medtronic ($MDT) is asking a San Diego federal court to compel NuVasive to pay royalties on sales of spinal surgery products that infringed its patents, as well as $19.8 million in interest on a 2011 jury verdict. The request follows a $101 million verdict won by Medtronic. "Anything less would reward NuVasive's ongoing infringement and would encourage NuVasive to continue to infringe rather than to develop its own technology," Medtronic's lawyers said in the filing. Report

> Quanterix will apply its technology toward the development of an improved test to aid in the diagnosis of active tuberculosis. In collaboration with the Forsyth Institute and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Quanterix will validate novel low-abundance protein biomarkers that may be useful for identifying individuals with active disease. Quanterix release

> Asalus Medical Instruments has raised £300,000 ($472,656) in funding after a successful preclinical study of its electrosurgical smoke clearance device, Innervision. The funds will be used to start Innervision's first clinical study, and the company hopes to launch the product next year. Innervision removes smoke created by the cauterization of tissue during keyhole surgery. News

> The FDA is warning dental and veterinary professionals not to buy certain potentially unsafe hand-held dental X-ray units. The agency is concerned that these devices, which are sold online and manufactured abroad, may not be safe or effective and could expose the user and the patient to unnecessary and potentially harmful X-rays. FDA release

> Smith & Nephew ($SNN) is unveiling the POLARCUP dual mobility hip system to orthopedic surgeons in the U.S. at this year's American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons annual meeting. The system allows surgeons to implant a smaller, constrained femoral component within a larger, anatomically sized polyethylene head, thus providing greater stability by increasing range of motion and jump distance. Smith & Nephew release

> Trovagene, which develops transrenal molecular diagnostics, has named Stephen Zaniboni as CFO. Trovagene release

> Courtagen Life Sciences is collaborating with Tetracoreto to develop a next-generation biothreat assay for identifying and diagnosing high priority biological agents in clinical and environmental samples. Some of the target agents include those that cause such diseases as anthrax and plague, as well as dangerous toxins such as ricin and botulinum. Courtagen/Tetracoreto release

And Finally... Scripps Research Institute researchers and the Technion–Israel Institute of Technology have created a purely biological computer that can decrypt images stored on DNA chips. More