Medical imaging company NeuroLogica grabs $12M in funding

Boston-area imaging company NeuroLogica has raised $12 million in funding, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Although the filing doesn't provide a lot of detail about the funding, it does list Ray Stata, chairman of Analog Devices and founder of Stata Venture Partners, as a "related person," as Mass High Tech notes.

The company already has offerings on the market in the U.S., including BodyTom. The device is a portable, full body, 32 slice CT that can be easily rolled from room to room. Its capabilities provide high-quality CT images in the clinic, ICU, OR and emergency/trauma department, according to the company's website.

"BodyTom marks the beginning of a new era in CT imaging," said Dr. In Sup Choi, medical director of interventional neuroradiology at Lahey Clinic, in a statement last year after FDA clearance of the scanner. "Multislice CT imaging is no longer bound to one room in the hospital. Whether it's in an OR, ED, or ICU, radiologists will be able to scan patients in a more clinically beneficial environment by taking the CT scanner to the patient."

The company's other offerings include the CereTom, OTOscan and inSPira HD SPECT.

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