Life Medical to create 250 jobs

Life Medical Technologies has started moving into its new space at the Hudson Valley Research Park in New York and expects to create 250 jobs over three years. The company will produce and market BreastCare DTS, which has been FDA-cleared as an adjunct to mammography and other procedures for the detection of breast disease, including breast cancer.

The company will make significant investment in construction work, equipment and materials at the IBM East Fishkill Building 320 on the Hudson Valley Research Campus. Operations are expected to ramp up quickly with production starting by early 2011.

"Our TEAM DUTCHESS worked very hard to convince Life Medical Technologies to choose Dutchess County. This is an important win for TEAM DUTCHESS and the Dutchess County business community," Dutchess County Executive Steinhaus welcomed the company to the county.    

"We found that the benefits of relocating to Dutchess County fit exactly into our company criteria and values," says Carol Fitzgerald, CEO of Life Medical Technologies. "The state and local assisted program along with the infrastructure in the IBM facility provide excellent cost-effectiveness. The quality of life in the area including the talented people, location and collaborative spirit is exactly what we need to produce this important new tool to fight breast cancer throughout the world."

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