LabCorp to use more Illumina tech for diagnostic tool development; Danish team creates new pancreatic cancer test;

> As part of a new deal, LabCorp ($LH) will use a wider range of Illumina ($ILMN) next-generation gene sequencing products over the next several years to develop new diagnostic tools for a wide range of specialties. Item

> Danish scientists say they've developed a test for pancreatic cancer based on detecting microRNA molecules in whole blood. Story (reg. req.)

> Personal Genome Diagnostics in Baltimore will license technology from Johns Hopkins University that allows for improved detection of cancer mutations in circulating DNA. Item

> Researchers at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have found that using DNA tests for human papillomavirus allows for longer screening time between tests compared with old-fashioned cytology-based testing. Item

> A new blood test for celiac disease is designed to work in 24 hours, minus intestinal biopsies or requirements to eat gluten for a month or more. Story

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