KRAS marks poor survival and response in ovarian cancer; NIH funds scleroderma biomarker research;

> KRAS-gene variant is a biomarker of poor survival and worse response to treatment for patients with ovarian cancer. Release

> Researchers have found pharmacogenetic and pharmacokinetic biomarker for drug-induced liver injury in patients treated with efavirenz and rifampicin for TB and HIV infection. Paper

> Mathematical model pinpoints issues in biomarker-based screening for cancer. Abstract

> S-(2-succino) cysteine could be biomarker in type 2 diabetes and obesity. Abstract

> Clarient and ACORN Research collaborating to link biomarker data and outcomes data to identify new prognostic markers and related treatments. Release

> Targeted nanoparticles could be used to detect secreted gastric cancer biomarkers. Abstract

> Thalidomide and lenalidomide reduce expression of cereblon, which could be a biomarker of response. Article

> A range of factors, including collection and analysis methods, can affect accuracy of detection and quantitation of circulating microRNAs used as biomarkers. Article

> OvaGene Oncology has licensed the Moffitt Cancer Center's microRNA biomarker IP to develop tests that predict responses to cancer chemotherapy. Release

And Finally... Researchers in U.S. universities get $11.3 million in funding from NIH to find prognostic scleroderma biomarkers. Article