JDRF backs integrated CGM, insulin infusion set

JDRF is teaming up with Pacific Diabetes Technologies on a novel treatment for Type 1 diabetes incorporating continuous glucose monitoring and insulin infusion in a single device.

The Portland, OR-based device startup is working on an infusion set that integrates CGM and insulin delivery in a “single-port” device. Such a device would streamline the management of Type 1 diabetes by eliminating the need for a second device to deliver insulin. Its prototypes are currently in animal studies and is planning to file for FDA approval to test the device in humans.

While CGM has been proven to improve glycemic management for patients with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, the need for a second device for insulin infusion has limited the uptake of continuous glucose monitors, said PDT Chief Science Officer Dr. W. Kenneth Ward, in the statement. “By combining CGM functionality with insulin infusion in one convenient solution, we hope to significantly increase the adoption of this essential therapy,” Ward said.

The deal saw JDRF award PDT $1.14 million in funding to advance the device, which will drive development through a series of milestone payments as it improves the device, according to a statement.

"This JDRF funding provides critical support as we move our technology into human feasibility trials and prepare our products for market,” said PDT CEO Robert Cargill, in the statement. “Partnerships like this and support from the NIH help to propel innovative life sciences ideas out of the research lab and into the hands of consumers."

While Medtronic ($MDT) received a CE mark in 2014 for its MiniMed Duo combining the two, there is currently no FDA-approved artificial pancreas. Medtronic is waiting on FDA approval for its Hybrid Closed Loop System, which it expects to launch next year.

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