Insulet ditches DexCom in diabetes collaboration

Insulet is no longer working with DexCom to develop a CGM-integrated OmniPod--courtesy of Insulet

Insulet ($PODD) and DexCom ($DXCM) have been working together since 2008 to pair DexCom's continuous glucose monitoring technology with a next-gen OmniPod insulin device, but now the two are calling it quits.

As DiabetesMine reports, Insulet has ceased working with DexCom and has already signed a new deal with an undisclosed partner to produce an insulin infuser with built-in CGM. And, from the sound of things, the split was less than amicable.

"The official agreement isn't actually terminated," DexCom CEO Terry Gregg told DiabetesMine. "We're just not moving forward at this time and we don't expect to in the future. I believe Insulet is making a mistake, but it is their mistake to make."

Insulet says it dropped out of the partnership because, in the best-case scenario, any product it developed with DexCom would require two devices placed on the body: an OmniPod and a connected monitor. The future, Insulet says, is in one-site technology, and DexCom's focus didn't jibe with the company's ambitions.

But DexCom still has another combination partnership to fall back on, having signed a deal with Tandem Diabetes Care last year to develop a version of the company's t:slim insulin pump with an integrated glucose monitor. Only Medtronic ($MDT), with its Paradigm device, has an integrated tech on the market.

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