Inflammation and CV biomarkers at Beijing Olympics; Healthy men don't need PSA tests;

> During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, changes in air pollution were associated with changes in biomarkers of systemic inflammation and thrombosis in young people. Abstract | Press release

> Researchers from the U.S. have confirmed that biomarker measures remain reliable over 4-6 months. Abstract

> The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has said that healthy men should not have PSA blood tests to screen for prostate cancer as there is little evidence that it saves lives. Article

> Rat studies have shown that RPA-1 may work as a urinary biomarker for acute kidney injury associated with melamine-cyanuric acid exposure. Abstract

> Changes to a single base in the genetic code can predict a sibling's risk of autism. Press release

> HMGB1 protein biomarker could identify early malignant mesothelioma. Press release

> Protein profiles can pick predict survival in breast cancer patients. Press release

> NextGen Sciences has launched  a new assay for the identification of diagnostic biomarkers in brain disorders. Press release

> MDxHealth's ConfirmMDx for prostate cancer can identify men able to avoid repeat biopsies, according to data at the AUA Annual Meeting. Press release