Important note for readers: FierceBiomarkers is now FierceDiagnostics

Rebecca Friend

Starting this January, FierceBiomarkers is merging with its sister publication, FierceDiagnostics. FierceDiagnostics will retain its name and brand, but coverage will expand to include the use of biomarkers as they relate to the broader diagnostics industry.

When we launched FierceDiagnostics, it was clear that diagnostics use has become an increasingly important part of the drug development industry, and ultimately a major industry of its own. Biomarkers play a very important role in the diagnostics industry, too, giving drugmakers targets to aid in the testing of new treatments. But a biomarker also enables the development of diagnostic tests that spot the protein or gene in question, aiding the process of identifying and treating disease in an equally significant way. Because of the great coverage we've been able to produce in the diagnostics space, it just makes sense to join forces and merge the two.

Now on to some housekeeping notes: FierceDiagnostics is a weekly publication and, to start off the new year, you will receive your first issue on Jan. 8. From then on, you will receive the newsletter once a week on Wednesdays. You are already signed up, so you don't have to do anything to receive your first issue. We do ask that you please add [email protected] to your safe senders list to ensure deliverability. You can visit us on the web at any time at

When you receive your first issue, tell us what you think. We always appreciate you letting us know how we are doing.

I hope you enjoy the new coverage. -- Rebecca Friend (email | Twitter)

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