Illumina Accelerator discloses its latest funded class of four genomic startups

Illumina Accelerator has selected a wide-ranging group of four new genomic startup investments in its third funding cycle. Each company will get an initial seed investment as well as matching funds for a total of $1 million to $5 million after completion of the 6-month program. Illumina ($ILMN) infused the accelerator with $40 million from private equity firm Viking Global Investors in February.

The latest four-startup accelerator class includes MetaMixis, a synthetic biology company aimed at producing enzymes that spun out of The University of British Columbia; NextGen Jane, a genomics-driven approach to reproductive health via the tracking of biological changes predictive of disease based on technology from Harvard University; Skinomics, a skin microbiome company focused on acne that was started by University of California at Los Angeles faculty; and Vitagene, a genomics platform to help physicians implement data-driven care.

Illumina Accelerator head Amanda Cashin

"Illumina Accelerator continues to propel talented entrepreneurs by providing unparalleled resources to help advance their genomics startups," said the co-founder and head of Illumina Accelerator Amanda Cashin in a statement. "The quality and diversity of our four newest investments is an indicator of the potential impact of genomics in a range of different fields."

Under the program, each startup gains business guidance as well as use of a fully operational lab space in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to the seed and matching investments, they are also entitled to use of Illumina products including its sequencing systems and reagents, a subscription to its NextBio translational genomics database and use of the genomics giants' Genologics Clarity LIMS software.

"Illumina Accelerator is pleased to have such a promising group of startups join our growing genomics community," said Mostafa Ronaghi, Illumina SVP and CTO as well as the co-founder of Illumina Accelerator. "We're here to provide access to our best-in-class sequencers, a support team of genomics professionals and entrepreneurial coaches, and the tools each of these startups need to advance breakthrough applications in genomics."

Applications for the Spring 2016 Illumina Accelerator funding cycle are due by March 1.

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