The Hutch gains $17M to foster new cancer biomarker efforts

The National Cancer Institute is funneling $17 million to the renowned Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle to pay for new discovery work on fresh cancer biomarkers along with coordination efforts aimed at accelerating the number of biomarker collaborations now underway.

Paul Lampe and Samir Hanash wound up with more than $3 million in fresh funds to back their work on colon cancer biomarkers. And Christopher Li received $2.5 million to lead the clinical epidemiology and validation center for breast and ovarian cancer. 

"This funding also allows us to engage in several new partnerships with investigators throughout the country," said Li, who will share the center's breast and ovarian cancer tissue repositories with his collaborators.

The Hutch has coordinated the work of the NCI's Early Detection Research Network for more than 20 years. Biostatistician Ziding Feng gained $10 million to lead the EDRN data management and coordinating center, which helps foster communication and collaboration among EDRN researchers, coordinates biomarker validation studies, conducts statistical research and disseminates biomarker information to the scientific community as well as the public.

- check out the NCI release for more info