Hitachi wins FDA nod for new CT scanner

Hitachi won FDA clearance for its latest Scenaria CT system.--Courtesy of Hitachi

Hitachi is scaling up its presence in the U.S. medical device market, scoring FDA clearance for the Scenaria Advanced 128 CT system, the newest generation for its line of imaging technologies.

The company says its latest offering is fast and efficient, handling routine and advanced imaging procedures while limiting how much radiation patients experience.

"The Scenaria Advanced 128 model is an important achievement as Hitachi continues to expand the breadth of our CT product line and installation footprint in the U.S. market," MR/CT Vice President Sheldon Schaffer said in a statement.

Hitachi is among the Japanese devicemakers rolling out new imaging technologies in the U.S. over the past year, looking to expand their share of a market led by the likes of GE Healthcare ($GE), Siemens ($SI) and Philips ($PHG).

Japanese consumer electronics mainstays like Hitachi, Sony ($SNE) and Olympus ($OCPNY) are working to break into the higher-margin world of scanners and endoscopes as their larger businesses face flat markets, racking up deals and approvals to sell medical devices in the states. But, despite each company's size, success is hardly guaranteed, and Sony and Olympus have been hamstrung by regulatory problems in their effort to launch a med tech joint venture.

- read Hitachi's release

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