Here's what you missed during the holiday break

Welcome back after a nice holiday breather, and Happy New Year to all.

While many were on holiday break this last week or so, the device and diagnostics industries were anything but quiet.

St. Jude Medical ($STJ), for example, buried the hatchet with a supplier of Durata leads. Covidien ($COV) snatched up a startup focused on developing peripheral artery disease treatment technology. And the FDA was--to say the least--really busy.

Below are links to those and other stories you might have missed:

> FDA says Zimmer's recalled tool could be deadly

> FDA action forces Invacare layoffs

> GE recalls infant resuscitation circuits as FDA warns of fatal risk

> Covidien grabs CA startup for PAD treatment tech

> St. Jude buries the hatchet with Durata supplier

> Device companies soldier on against the device tax even as change window closes

-- Mark Hollmer (email | Twitter)

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