Google working on mysterious Project Aura to reinvigorate Google Glass

Google Glass flopped as a consumer product, though the company has had some success selling it to businesses, including some devicemakers. The company aims to create a next-generation iteration via the cryptically named Project Aura initiative. One version of the glass, to be targeted at businesses, has a screen while the other, targeted at "sport" users, deploys audio. Business Insider previously picked up on a crucial clue, noting that the Google Glass project is staying with Google under the company's reorg, under the umbrella company that's now called Alphabet ($GOOG). Various arms include Google, the traditional IT and search engine arm, as well as med tech specialist Google Lifesciences. Meanwhile, LinkedIn reveals that Project Aura is attracting lots of high-profile talent, who are trying make Google Glass breakthrough gadget after all. More from The Information | More from Business Insider

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