Get your nominations in soon for the 15 fiercest device developers

First, a recap: In the spirit of FierceBiotech's annual Fierce 15 report, we'll be highlighting must-have profiles of the 15 fiercest private device developers late this fall.

For this first-ever report for FierceMedicalDevices, we're continuing our quest for nominations. And we now have a cut-off date. Please get them to us by Monday, June 18. We'll contact the winners a few weeks after that.

If you have been meaning to get your nomination in and haven't yet, just fill out our brief survey and form here.

We want to hear from startups and longtime developers alike about promising next-generation technologies. In considering winners, we will eye such factors as venture backing, technological impact, the quality and experience of the executive team, as well as the origins of the science. Partnerships are also a plus.

So once again, don't forget. Get your nominations in soon. -- Mark Hollmer, Editor-At-Large, FierceMedicalDevices (email | Twitter)

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