Georgia scientist launches new biomarker enterprise

A startup biotech company has been spun out of the Medical College of Georgia with plans to develop new biomarkers for diabetes and cancer. Jinfiniti Biosciences is setting up shop at MCG's turnkey incubator, where it will develop biomarkers that enable "simple urine or blood tests for early disease detection and monitoring of treatment outcomes."

Dr. Jin-Xiong She, director of the MCG Center for Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine, is the CEO of the new venture, which also plans to offer a number of high-throughput scientific services to academic and biopharma institutions. And She expects to launch new drugs and companion biomarkers for personalized medicine.  

"Jinfiniti Biosciences will be the vehicle by which [She's] biomarker discoveries will be made available to the public," says Dr. Charles Nawrot, MCG associate vice president for technology transfer. "Soon we will have patient-specific therapies that result from his research into the molecular basis of these diseases."

"There are many wonderful scientific discoveries but the vast majority never translate into medical practice," says She. "Very few people are going to knock on your door to further develop the technology. That is what startup companies are trying to do: take discoveries to the next step so that big companies become interested."

- here's the release for more info