GeneNews finds schizophrenia marker in blood

GeneNews Limited (TSX:GEN) says its uncovered a biomarker in the blood that may indicate a risk for developing schizophrenia. The Toronto-based developer identified the marker using its Sentinel Principle platform technology, which the company says is designed to detect gene expression signatures in the blood.

"This study shows that we can identify a gene signature associated with schizophrenia distinct from non-schizophrenia. The study is an important step towards identifying biomarkers for the early detection of this brain disorder," noted lead investigator Dr. Ming Tsuang.

The findings were published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B. GeneNews has already used the platform to develop a blood test for colorectal cancer, called ColonSentry. The test is already available in Canada and could come to the U.S. this year through the company's partnership with Enzo Clinical Labs.

- here's the release

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