Gene variants predict neuroblastoma outcomes; Genetic markers for Internet addiction?;

> While neuroblastoma is rare, it accounts for about 10% of all deaths in children with cancer. After screening tumors from almost 3,000 children, researchers have found two gene variants linked to the risk of developing the nervous system cancer, and the chance of it progressing. Release | Abstract

> Gene scores can also predict survival in childhood neuroblastoma. Abstract | Article

> An international team of researchers has pinpointed increased levels of a protein, HUWE1, that could mark some cases of X-linked intellectual disability, and even lead to a treatment. Release | Abstract

> Levels of the protein galectin-3 can pick out people at risk of heart failure. Abstract | Release

> Genetic biomarkers could aid bone marrow matching. Release

> MicroRNAs have potential as diagnostic and prognostic markers in B-cell lymphoma. Abstract

> According to a team of Japanese researchers, vinculin could mark pancreatic cancer. Abstract

And Finally… Could there be genetic markers for Internet addiction? Article