Gene mutations trebles risk of Alzheimer's disease; Aviir's assay identifies heart risk patients;

> A mutation in a single gene, TREM2, could triple the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Press release | Abstract

> Aviir's MIRISK VP multiplexed biomarker assay can identify patients likely to suffer from a heart attack within 5 years, with better results than the Framingham Risk Score. Press release

> Exact Sciences has completed patient enrollment in its DeeP-C pivotal trial for colorectal cancer screening, to evaluate the accuracy of the company's stool DNA colorectal cancer screening test. Press release

> Neurotic and conscientious people have lower levels of the inflammatory biomarker interleukin 6. Article

> An article has reviewed the value of using Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) biomarkers in liver transplant. Press release

And Finally… Biomarkers are not just for people; they are used in research in whale sharks, too. Article