GE to boost cell therapy tech with Biosafe acquisition

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GE Healthcare has acquired Biosafe Group, a supplier of integrated cell bioprocessing systems, for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition will help GE in its plans to develop a digitally enabled offering of tools, solutions and services for cell therapy. 

According to GE, this acquisition will expand the company’s “end-to-end ecosystem of products, solutions and services for our cell therapy customers” and expands GE’s reach to many new cell and therapy types.

Biosafe has been working in the automated cell processing arena and offers proprietary products that include advantages--such as closed fluid pathways, built-in traceability and single-use consumables--over conventional tech.

“GE is building a world-class set of tools, technologies and services for cell and gene therapy and Biosafe’s expertise and innovative systems will strongly enhance our customer offering,” said Kieran Murphy, the CEO of life sciences at GE Healthcare. “GE and Biosafe share a vision of an integrated approach to helping customers optimize every stage of their process to reduce production risks dramatically and increase access to these remarkable new medicines.”

GE explained in the announcement that its strategy is to work with its partners on cell therapy, specifically looking to develop a digitally enabled offering of tools, solutions and services for cell therapy. The aim is to boost up standardization, collaboration and integration for customers so cell therapies can become mainstream in clinical practice, GE noted.

“Joining GE Healthcare will give Biosafe an outstanding opportunity to couple its unique cell processing technology with GE Healthcare’s strong, global infrastructure, leading to improved capabilities for our customers and enhanced market penetration,” said Biosafe CEO Olivier Waridel.

Cell therapies have been making strides in the healthcare world. The oncology market for cell therapies is expected to reach $30 billion by 2030, and more than 600 therapies were in clinical trials at the end of last year, GE noted in the announcement.

- here's the press release

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