FierceMedicalDevices is now published daily; web redesign

Arsalan Arif, Publisher
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Dear reader: We've completed a major overhaul of FierceMedicalDevices:

Daily email frequency
Readers asked, we delivered. We launched FMD two years ago, and the No. 1 request we get is for more devices and diagnostics industry coverage. 

Starting today, you will receive FierceMedicalDevices in your inbox every single day. You can also expect more news and analysis throughout the week directly on our website.

New website
We had one guiding principle with the redesign. It's best captured by Jay Rosen, a prominent press critic and journalism professor at NYU:

"The simplest way to create value in journalism is to save the user time."

Please explore the streamlined new design and let us know if we indeed are saving you time. You, our readers, are some of the busiest executives in the world, so our mission is to give you great content and context in the daily news picture in the medical device field as expeditiously as possible. 

I'll discuss in detail the changes we've made in this space Monday. Until then, please take a minute and visit the new site, and then drop me a line with any suggestions or comments you have. After all, we built it for you.

Fierce15 in October
Long-time FierceBiotech readers are familiar with our annual Fierce15 report. We're carrying over the tradition to FMD this year, and we'll unveil the first annual FierceMedicalDevices Fierce 15 in early October. Interested readers, corporate communications executives and PR professionals can get a head start getting their picks in front of our editors for evaluation starting today. We'll have more information Monday.