FierceDiagnostics launches as the industry surges

Folks, this is a big week as we launch our latest newsletter: FierceDiagnostics. And I'll be editing and writing the publication in the weeks ahead.

The first weekly newsletter edition goes out to readers on Wednesday, Aug. 28. Its debut dovetails nicely with the emergence of diagnostics as a major component of healthcare and a significant, multifaceted industry in its own right.

For one thing, diagnostics are becoming an increasingly crucial component of personalized medicine, as drug companies focus more and more on developing companion diagnostics designed to spot patients who can benefit most from a given drug. Molecular diagnostics technology is not only becoming more high-tech but also smaller, more affordable and easier to use by the day as it brings new levels of precision to diagnostic testing. Those advances, in turn, are penetrating further into both the developed and developing worlds.

Beyond blood and tissue samples, diagnostic imaging tools are proliferating and growing in value, and their increased use continues to shape how clinicians approach a patient's ongoing care needs.

In all of these spaces, there are big players and emerging ones. The industry's movement is generating research advances, partnerships, alliances and M&A deals of all stripes. And I will work diligently to bring the latest news in all of these areas to you.

If you haven't yet subscribed to the free weekly email news roundup you can do that here. Thanks for your interest and stay tuned. -- Mark Hollmer (email | Twitter)

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