The Fierce barometer at J.P. Morgan

Another J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference has come to a close, and now the movers, shakers and up-and-comers are heading back to Boston, Basel and Bangalore to try and make real all that positive thinking that spilled out of San Francisco's hotel lobbies and cafes this week.

Fierce had a team of 6 on the ground to take the industry's temperature, and we found buyout buzz, optimistic startups, relieved venture capitalists and open-bar-hunting journos. There was even levity: Industry tweeters rallied around the #JPMpickuplines hashtag to get doubly entendrous (Get it? "Endpoints?").

Be sure to check out our expansive conference slideshow, and, in case you missed any of our coverage, here's a rundown of Fierce's trip through J.P. Morgan:


> This time, 'cautious optimism' at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

> TAVR surgical tool company, pain management startup grab venture cash

> U.S., EU regulators to mull GE's Alzheimer's imaging agent

> For med tech startups, fundraising hinges on proving value

> T2 readies pivotal trial for Candida assay

> Medtronic's Ishrak promises more M&A, globalization


> Big Data has arrived in biotech. Now what?

> GlaxoSmithKline commits venture cash to new $250M biotech startup fund

> Payer risk outrivals regulatory jitters as biggest biotech hurdle

> Tufts: Billions wasted in pharma R&D despite new biz models

> Buyout buzz: Biopharma players staying focused on bolt-on deals

> Celgene chief Hugin wows J.P. Morgan with blockbuster plans for 2013

> Bob Langer biotech lands first big biopharma deal with Amgen


> Novartis CEO shopping for bolt-on deals at $4B, tops

> Merck CEO up for diversity and deals, but one bite at a time

> AbbVie CFO sees no need for big acquisition

> Teva CEO says job cuts are small part of efficiency plans

-- Damian Garde (email | Twitter)

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