FDA releases Dexcom warning letter; Stent use delay could aid in a cardiac patient's recovery;

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> Diagnostics outfit LipoScience has ended its relationship with Health Diagnostics Laboratory, one of its customers, after HDL began offering a similar test to LipoScience's offering. Story

> The FDA released the warning letter it issued to Dexcom ($DXCM), which offers details including an instance where its blood glucose monitor shocked a patient. Story

> A new Ohio device startup is developing technology that could more quickly sterilize surgical instruments and implants. Story

> U.K. researchers have determined that delaying the use of a stent for up to 16 hours after a heart attack (where blood flow has been restored) can aid in patients' recovery. Story

Biotech News

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> Ebola still a tough target due to Big Pharma disinterest and few outbreaks. More

> MannKind faces stiff skepticism in its third go at FDA approval. Story

> AstraZeneca looks to China for kidney disease R&D. Item

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> Roche nabs European approval for time-saving formulation of Rituxan. More

> Hospira puts shareholder lawsuit behind it with $60M settlement. News

> Regeneron clears roadblock for new plant in Irish tax haven. Story

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