With FDA nod, Philips adds cardiac imaging to smartphone plug-in ultrasound device

The FDA cleared Philips’ cardiac transducer for use with Lumify, the company’s smart-device diagnostic ultrasound. The new add-on brings cardiac imaging to the portable diagnostic, which already allows doctors to scan the gallbladder and lungs among other areas.

Launched a year ago, the Lumify package consists of an app and two transducers for use with an Android smartphone, as well as access to an online portal and Philips support. The app connects to the cloud, where clinicians may access data and images through Philips’ HealthSuite Digital Platform. In addition to cardiac and abdominal scanning, Lumify also offers OB/GYN and focused assessment with sonography for trauma (FAST) examinations.

"Our vision for smart-device ultrasounds is focused on putting high-quality devices in the hands of more professionals to serve more patients in more locations," said Randy Hamlin, vice president and point-of-care business leader for Philips Ultrasound, in a statement. "With the S4-1 transducer and clinical pre-sets, Lumify is further extending the reach of ultrasound by delivering exceptional image quality, now for routine cardiac exams, and creating better connections between clinicians and their patients."

The new S4-1 cardiac transducer weighs less than a smartphone and joins the existing two transducers for use in emergency care, critical care and ambulances, according to the statement. Lumify's low cost and portability allows doctors in emergency situations to quickly triage patients without needing to locate and procure an ultrasound cart, Philips said in the statement.

Lumify was launched on a $199 monthly subscription model, securing an ongoing income stream for Philips. Now, it is also available as a one-time purchase.