FDA issues biomarker draft guidance; Working group calls for biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease;

> The FDA has released its "Use of Histology in Biomarker Qualification Studies" draft guidance document, which aims to support product development and reduce occurrences of unqualified biomarkers. Guidance document

> A working group calls for the use of biomarkers as surrogate endpoints in Alzheimer's disease clinical trials to improve outcomes for patients. Article

> RainDance Technologies, Hôpital Saint-Louis and BGI are working together in an international collaboration to find and confirm genetic variants in rheumatoid arthritis. Press release

> Researchers from Perth, Australia, find a microRNA biomarker in prostate cancer patient samples. Article

> Inherited gene mutations can increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Article

> Exosomes in spinal fluid could be a source for biomarkers in neurological disease. Abstract

> Protein biomarkers can differ between primary and recurrent ovarian cancers. Abstract

> A Cancer Research UK imaging biomarker shows potential to predict lack of response to chemotherapy. Abstract

> ValiRx acquires the biomarkers arm of the Finnish company Pharmatest. Article

> The copeptin malaria biomarker does not predict the severity of disease. Abstract

And Finally... Researchers have retracted a 2007 cancer biomarker paper from Urology after a company sued two universities for scientific fraud. Article