FDA encourages more work on early-stage Alzheimer's; Canada support biomarkers initiative;

> The FDA has been encouraging Alzheimer's researchers to focus more on early-stage patients whose disease has not already damaged their brains, pointing to new biomarkers and other technologies that should help them identify at-risk patients. Report

> The Government of Québec announced a $10 million investment in the Personalized Medicine Partnership for Cancer, which is encouraging the development of clinical biomarkers and other personalized healthcare solutions to improve the outcomes and cost-efficiency of healthcare services provided to cancer patients. Release

> Huntington's disease patients may be far better served by a new diagnostic that uses a form of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, researchers in Utah have found. Equally significant, the diagnostic could give quicker results and eliminate the need for additional testing because of inaccuracies. Story

> True Diagnostics gained a CE mark for its new quantitative prostate cancer diagnostic test, and the California startup will initially start selling it through distribution partners in Germany, the U.K., France, Italy and Spain. Story


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