Exosome Diagnostics urine test for prostate cancer; 15-year-old develops fast and accurate biomarker test;

> Markers of oxidative stress can predict kidney injury in obese patients undergoing heart surgery. Article

> A blue laser light can read biomarkers through the skin. Article

> Exosome Diagnostics flags urine exosomes as a non-invasive biomarker for prostate cancer. Press release

> Chinese researchers tag spondin-2 (SPON2) as a prostate-cancer-specific diagnostic biomarker. Abstract

> ERCC1 has potential to pinpoint those bladder cancer patients who could benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy. Abstract

> Research in China flags a new protein biomarker for colorectal cancer diagnosis. Abstract

> Firefly BioWorks has won half a million dollars from the Massachusetts Life Science Center to develop its biomarker detection platform. Article

> Blood levels of matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) show potential as a prognostic biomarker in breast cancer. Abstract

> Revenue from Proteome Sciences' PS Biomarker Services grew by 127 percent in the first half of 2011 continued with revenue increasing 127%. Press release

> LVV- and VV-hemorphin-7 may have a role as biomarkers in pediatric brain tumors. Abstract

And Finally…  Biomarker tests are not new, neither are dipstick tests, but what makes this one a breakthrough is its accuracy and speed--and the fact that it's been created by someone who's not even old enough to drive in his home state of Maryland. Fifteen-year-old Jack Andraka won the $75,000 top prize in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his test to detect mesothelin, a protein biomarker elevated in prostate cancer. Press release

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