Everist Genomics aligns with India's Manipal Group

Everist Genomics (EGI), a young company that has been rolling out a number of monitoring and cancer diagnostic products, has created a joint venture with Manipal Group in India to tap that market primarily for sales of its mobile monitoring devices. 

Manipal Group is one of the three largest healthcare providers in India, with 15 hospitals, 9 primary care clinics and 55 community health centers, according to a release from EGI. Among other products, EGI makes two new mobile health diagnostic systems for cardiovascular disease, AngioDefender and CardioDefender, which were recently demonstrated at Mendanta Hospital in Delhi. AngioDefender is designed to help doctors diagnose early-stage cardiovascular disease, while CardioDefender is a smartphone-enabled system that provides continuous heart rhythm monitoring of patients, so doctors can be alerted to heart arrhythmias.

In announcing the joint venture, the Ann Arbor, MI-based company pointed to the fact that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in India. It should also benefit from India's growing middle class, which can afford more healthcare services. The joint venture also will market EGI's companion diagnostics and prognostics portfolio for cancer and the company is projecting $100 million in sales over the next three years from it. 

Mobile monitoring and diagnostics, as with about every mobile technology, is on the rise. Some companies are targeting specific care areas, while some are building devices and applications that work across a number of platforms to extend technology already in place in hospitals.

- here's the release

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