EO2 Concepts looks for a better way to treat wounds

The San Antonio Express-News profiles EO2 Concepts, which may have found a way to treat hard-to-treat wounds.

The San Antonio-based company makes TransCu O2, an electrochemical low-dose tissue oxygenation system intended for use with moist wound therapy dressings to treat venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers, which often have difficulty healing, according to its website. The device allows for pure oxygen delivered at a low flow rate to reach an oxygen-compromised wound, thus aiding in healing while maintaining a moist environment. Furthermore, the amount of oxygen delivered won't dry out the wound.

And company officials are excited about their device. "We think that we have brought a true game-changer in the way wounds are treated," company President and CEO Michael Wells said, as quoted by the Express-News. Roughly 300 patients have been treated with the therapy, he added.

As the news outlet notes, the company received FDA clearance for its product two years ago after seeing good results in animals. It sought to replicate the results in humans before publicizing its findings.

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