Entrepreneur aims to conquer Indian diagnostics market and expand into Africa too

Ameera Shah is founder of India's Metropolis Healthcare, a diagnostics company focused on that fast-growing economy, as well as some African countries. "When I was in the U.S., I saw a lot of opportunity. I saw a chain of labs which was corporatized, branded and standardized, where if I go to one city or another I'm going to get the same report. Just like if I go to a McDonald's, I get the same level of experience. What I wanted to build was an institution that brought that level of quality to India, brought the variety of tests and technologies to India, but offer it all through a front-end that committed a certain experience to the customer, the doctor and the hospital," she said. India has lower labor costs and few regulations, making it less expensive market to do business. But that also leads to increased competition and variation in product quality, she said. More