emPower maker PixelOptics raises $7M

Roanoke, VA-based PixelOptics, the maker of emPower, the world's first electronic focusing eyeglasses, hauled in more money this week.

After raising a cool $45 million in a financing round led by Safeguard Scientifics last summer, the company snagged just over $7 million in financing. Although its SEC filing this round was sparse on details, the company has touted its emPower glasses and has been touring trade shows showing them off.

The 7-year-old PixelOptics has been touted as the world's first composite lens company. EmPower allows adults with presbyopia, a form of farsightedness, to shift focus from long distance to close up merely by moving their heads, The Roanoke Times notes. And it's already attracted an impressive list of investors: The Carlyle Group, Delphi Ventures, Life Science Angels, Longitude Capital, Panasonic and SafeGuard.

Users have been positive about the glasses, giving them what they term, "the best vision they have ever had," said Richard Clompus, PixelOptics' vice president of global professional affairs, as quoted by The Huffington Post. The glasses are expected to run about $1,200.

At the beginning of the year, PixelOptics announced that Ron Blum was stepping down as president and CEO of the company, but would remain chairman and "chief visionary officer," The Roanoke Times noted. He was replaced by former Transitions Optical President Brett Craig.

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