eBay founder invests heavily in India's medtech industry

There's an eBay connection, of sorts, behind at least some of the rapid growth involving India's medical technology industry. The New York Times blog "India Ink" reports that eBay founder Pierre Omidyar has committed nearly $100 million to early stage Indian startups focused on medtech, medical devices and affordable healthcare, by way of the Omidyar Network, his philanthropic investment firm. Some of the firm's investment has gone into affordable health care delivery companies. But other investment choices involve pure play medical device companies that plan to be heavily involved in India, according to the story. The Omidyar Network, for example, plans to invest in OneBreath, a medical device startup that makes low-cost, portable, rechargeable ventilators, and plans, in part, to open a manufacturing facility in India. Story (subs. req)