EarlySense moves patient monitoring tech to at-home setting

EarlySense's bed sensor--Courtesy of EarlySense

Patient monitoring company EarlySense has been on a winning streak this past year, raking in new funds and striking deals with key industry players to build out its offerings. In the company's latest move, EarlySense is bringing its technology to home settings, rolling out a product geared toward sleep and wellness monitoring.

The Ramat Gan, Israel-based company's myEarlySense sensor is placed under a patients' mattress, collecting information on heartbeat, respiratory rate, sleep stages and movement and then wirelessly transmitting the data to a smartphone app. The product can work alongside smart home solutions, home security and smart bed solutions, giving users the ability to automatically detect and analyze information such as bed occupancy, heart and breathing rates and sleep status. Ultimately, the product could arm or disarm home security systems or improve home energy consumption based on an individual's sleep cycle, EarlySense said in a statement

"Building upon the success of our contact-free monitoring solution in the hospital setting, our core technology can make a similar impact for consumers who want key information on their overall wellness," Lita Tsoref, VP of EarlySense's digital health business unit, said in a statement. "Our solution can benefit everyone in taking better care of themselves and their loved ones."

EarlySense has not wasted any time developing its technology this past year. In January, the company reeled in $20 million in a round led by Samsung Ventures and partner Welch Allyn for its patient monitoring solutions. In April, EarlySense snagged $5 million from Japan's Mitsui, bringing its Series F financing to $25 million. The company also signed on Mitsui to market its contact-free patient monitoring products to Japanese homes and hospitals, opening the door to a "critically important market," CEO Avner Halperin said at the time.

"Mistui's addition to our growing list of prominent partners is also further proof, that with our contact-free sensor, EarlySense is strategically positioned to become the standard for health and wellness," Halperin said in a statement.

The company is also hard at work on the regulatory front, generating a "fair amount of clinical validation studies" to support its innovative technology, president Tim O'Malley told FierceMedicalDevices. In July 2014, the company scored FDA clearance for its Cahir Sensor Solution, which monitors everything from heart rate to respiratory rate through a contact-free sensor. In January, EarlySense got another regulatory blessing for its EarlySense Bedside Monitor to track patients' heart and respiration rates and motion.

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