DynoSense selects Chinese marketing partner for hand-held monitoring device

The Dyno hand-held scanner--Courtesy of DynoSense

Digital health startup DynoSense is teaming up with a Chinese health services company to bring its patient monitoring technology to China, expanding its global reach weeks after the company reeled in new funds to fuel stateside approval for its device.

The company will work with JKOM Cloud Health Technology to market and distribute its flagship product, dubbed The Dyno, to healthcare providers reaching more than 2 million patients in the country, it said in a statement. DynoSense's hand-held health scanner reads 33 vital health signals including heart rate, core body temperature and blood pressure, and sends the data back to the cloud for analysis before it's given to doctors or other healthcare professionals.

In addition to providing quick readouts on a patient's health, the device could have useful applications in chronic disease care, the company said on its website. As part of its collaboration with JKOM, DynoSense will apply the Dyno in fields including chronic disease management and consumer and corporate wellness, the company said in a statement.

"DynoSense is working toward creating a whole new paradigm in the way physicians and patients interact," CEO Saeed Azimi said in a statement. "With our Dyno technology, physicians can now remotely catch serious medical conditions and treat them before they become chronic, and they can also better manage existing chronic disease. This new digital physician-patient connection has the potential to dramatically improve disease prevention and wellness."

The Sunnyvale, CA-based company has already made some believers, raking in $9.4 million in a Series A round last month to support development of its device. Investors including JKOM Cloud Health Technology, Plug and Play Tech Center and WI Harper Group pitched in funding, giving the company a boost as it works on submitting its product for FDA 510(k) clearance.

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