Devicemakers bemoan Supreme Court's healthcare ruling

Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Healthcare Act meant one thing for device companies: For now, the 2.3% tax on U.S. sales is still coming in January. And the reaction was as you'd expect. Cook Medical's chairman described the tax as "job-killing" said the ruling forces devicemakers to foot the bill for health reform "instead of investing in new medical technologies that can save lives." Biomet's vice president was more direct: "We believe that the medical device tax is misdirected policy." AdvaMed affirmed that it supports the long-term goals of health reform, but restated its condemnation of the 2.3% charge. Not everyone was so glum, however. Medtronic ($MDT) seems to have resigned to paying the tax, saying it has been preparing for the hit since before the act passed. Cook statement | Biomet and AdvaMed | Medtronic