Denator is developing cancer biomarker platform; Blood test results in plain text;

> An Australian paper-based blood test writes results in plain text. Press release

> Height could be a biomarker for longevity; it seems so in Sardinia! Press release | Abstract

> A Denator-led research project, together with Erasmus Medical Center and Amsterdam Medical Center, aims to develop new biomarker discovery platform for cancer diagnostics. The project is being sponsored by the EU Eurostars program. Press release

> U.S. researchers have found enzymes that act as on and off switches in cancer development, and these potential sarcoma drivers could also have roles as biomarkers for tumor survival. Abstract | Press release

> [18F]flutemetamol has shown potential as a diagnostic in Alzheimer's disease, targeting the biomarker beta-amyloid. (sub. req.Article

> E-cadherin has shown efficacy as a biomarker in entinostat plus erlotinib treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. Press release

> An open-source Kidney and Urinary Pathway Knowledge Base (KUPKB) is helping French researchers sift "omics" data to find biomarkers. Abstract

> MDxHealth and PLUS Diagnostics are to co-promote MDxHealth's biomarker-based ConfirmMDx for Prostate Cancer test in the U.S. Press release

> Biomarkers in the brain show hidden damage from boxing. Press release | Abstract

> According to a Shanghai team, EFEMP2 has shown promise as a serum biomarker for early colorectal cancer detection. Abstract

> Tau oligomers could point to targets and biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease. Abstract

> Urinary mannose-binding lectin has potential for predicting the progression of IgA nephropathy. Abstract

> Chinese researchers are working on a biomarker model for predicting bone metastasis in resected stage III non-small cell lung cancer. Abstract

> Thomas Jefferson University researcher has been awarded a Commonwealth Universal Research Enhancement (CURE) grant to advance a molecular diagnostic test for colon cancer, which uses guanylyl cyclase C as a biomarker, into commercialization. Press release

And Finally… The Information Technology Future of Medicine (ITFoM) initiative has developed a "virtual patient" to support toxicity testing. Press release