Chinese researchers warn of phthalates in auxiliary devices

Chinese researchers have determined that a majority of the auxiliary medical devices tested contain environmental hormones well over the national health standard, the China Post reports.

Researchers from the Department of Chemistry at Tsinghua University tested nine auxiliary medical devices and discovered that the level of phthalates, more commonly known as "plasticizers," of six of the tested equipments were between 2.5 to 49 percent, well over the standard deemed safe by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) for children's toys, which is 0.1 percent.

Professor Ling Yung-chien said phthalates in medical equipment--such as plastic blood bags--are often directly inserted into the body, greatly increasing the chances of toxic absorption. Ling added the Chinese government should start an initiative promoting anti-environmental hormone hospitals that provide medical aids free from the thermoplastic polymer, polyvinyl chloride.

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