CEO risks charge in French breast implant scandal; Rap music drives implanted medical sensor;

> Jean-Claude Mas, head of the defunct Poly Implant Prosthese, has been released from police custody in France and may be charged with causing bodily harm, Reuters reports. His company sold substandard breast implants, leading to global hysteria over possible related health problems. Story

> UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have developed what they believe is the first clinical application of a new imaging technique to diagnose brain tumors. UT Southwestern release

>  The Harrington whole body splint, a more than 40-year-old medical device that many hospitals have stopped using, could prevent paralysis as it appears to be more effective in transport and in keeping an injured person's neck secure. Story

> A $1.5 million NIH grant will help a University of Michigan research team and Integrated Sensing Systems wrap up final preclinical testing required before seeking approval under the FDA's HDE pathway for a miniature, battery-free, wireless cardiac implant. Item

> S.E.A. Medical Systems has closed a $3 million Series B investment with Chicago-based venture capital firm JK&B Capital. S.E.A. is focused on developing medical devices to catch life-threatening IV drug errors before they harm patients. S.E.A. release

And Finally... Rap music can be used to drive a miniature implanted medical sensor, researchers have announced. Acoustic waves from music, particularly rap music, were found to recharge the pressure sensor and could hold hope for those with aneurysms or incontinence due to paralysis. News