Cenix to collaborate with Debiopharm on predictive biomarkers

The preclinical CRO Cenix BioScience has struck a deal to work with Switzerland's Debiopharm, putting its experts to work finding predictive biomarkers that can be used to advance the biotech's cancer drug candidates.

The 14-year-old Cenix plans to put its know-how involving high throughput screening with high content assays in cultured human cells to use identifying genes and pathways that are likely to enhance or block a drug's effectiveness, a key strategy in developing more carefully tailored "personalized" drugs.

"We are very excited to launch this new relationship with Debiopharm, extending their repertoire with what we consider to be some of the most strategically powerful cell-based screening paradigms developed to date," said Dr. Christophe Echeverri, the CEO and CSO of Dresden, Germany-based Cenix BioScience.

"The opportunity to benefit from such depth of knowledge, experience and extensively validated capabilities is considered as the most strategically important resource for preclinical biomarkers discovery," noted Hiroaki Tanaka, director of personalized medicine at Debiopharm.

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