CardioInsight scores $7.5M for 3-D cardiovascular mapping

Cleveland's CardioInsight Technologies wants to help doctors diagnose cardiovascular ailments more accurately with the help of 3-D images of the heart. Today, it announced that it has received a boost with the closing of a $7.5 million Series C financing earmarked for clinical and commercial efforts related to its ECVUE advanced 3-D cardiac mapping system.

CardioInsight's noninvasive electrocardiographic-mapping platform uses a multi-sensor electrode vest and images from a CT scan to provide 3-D maps of the electrical activity of the heart--all in just one beat. This technology will allow doctors to localize arrhythmias and help in the placement of CRT devices, such as pacemakers, according to the company.

The company, which already has the CE Mark, is hoping the FDA gives its blessing for ECVUE for cardiac resynchronization therapy. CEO Steve Arless says his company will show evidence of the system's utility over the next 12 to 18 months to help expand commercialization in Europe and eventually introduce the product in the U.S.

CardioInsight was founded in 2006, and its technology was developed at Case Western Reserve University by Dr. Yorum Rudy.

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