Caliper Life Sciences to merge with Cambridge Research; BG Medicine plots $69M IPO;

> With an eye to boosting its biomarker offerings, Caliper Life Sciences has struck a deal to acquire Cambridge Research & Instrumentation for approximately $20 million, including net deb. "CRi's advanced platforms add an important new dimension of capability to our suite of next-generation life science tools, and positions Caliper to further address biomarker discovery and companion diagnostics solutions for personalized medicine development programs," said Kevin Hrusovsky, the CEO of Caliper Life Sciences. Caliper release

> BG Medicine plans to raise up to $69 million from an IPO, with plans to use much of the money to launch its BGM Galectin-3 biomarker test, which examines a protein which plays a role in heart failure. Report

> Mayo Clinic researchers found that the part of the brain generating seizures in individuals with epilepsy is functionally isolated from surrounding brain regions. The researchers hope this finding could be a clinical biomarker to help identify individuals with abnormal brain function. Release

> With the use of a highly sensitive test, detection of the blood biomarker cardiac troponin T, a cardiac-specific protein, is associated with structural heart disease and an increased risk of all-cause death, according to a study in the December 8 issue of JAMA. Release