Caliper, HistoRx get together for imaging, analysis

Caliper Life Sciences and HistoRx are pooling their resources to produce a new way of imaging and analyzing tissue to measure proteins based on immuno-fluorescence. According to a release, the collaboration will enable researchers to leverage the combined imaging and analysis power of Caliper's Vectra, an automated multiplexed tissue imaging platform, and HistoRx's Aqua image analysis system. The result will be an integrated platform to advance the identification and validation of new drug targets and improve assessment of drug response, according to the release.

HistoRx says its Aqua technology can measure protein biomarker concentration with subcellular resolution. It uses proprietary software to provide precise quantification of biomarkers of interest, based on the computation of Aqua scores, according to a release and a report in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News.

"The combination of Caliper and HistoRx technologies enables an unprecedented level of objective and accurate diagnosis that is currently lacking, both on the research level as well as the clinical level," Kevin Hrusovsky, Caliper's president and CEO, said in a statement. "We see an opportunity to bring a comprehensive solution to the research market to help expand scientists' options for capturing key disease signatures and to aid in the development of new drugs and new strategies to battle cancer."

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- and a report in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News