Biomarkers redefine heart attack definition; Antibody probe detects Alzheimer's disease;

> More sensitive biomarkers for myocardial necrosis have led an international panel of cardiology experts to readjust the definition of heart attack (myocardial infarction; MI), helping accurate diagnosis and treatment. Article

> An antibody-based probe that uses nanotechnology and magnetic resonance imaging could test for early Alzheimer's disease by distinguishing between diseased and non-diseased brain tissue. Press release

> Rather than empowering patients to take control of their own healthcare, personalized genomic medicine could end up taking control away from patients and limiting their treatment choices, according to an article in the Hastings Center Report. Press release | Abstract | Editorial

> Argos Therapeutics has tagged an immune response marker linked with prolonged overall survival in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma being treated with its Arcelis immunotherapy product candidate, AGS-003. Press release

> Provista Diagnostics has raised an extra $2.5 million to fund development of its blood biomarker test, dtectDx-Breast, for the early diagnosis of breast cancer. Article

> Amarantus BioSciences has acquired an exclusive option to license the LymPro Alzheimer's Diagnostic Blood Test from Memory Dx, in return for 500,000 restricted shares of its common stock. Press release

> Comparing the genome of normal and pancreatic cancer cells has pointed out genetic biomarkers and targets for treatment. Press release

> Amplion Research has launched BiomarkerBase, reported to be the first available database of every biomarker currently in active clinical use. It can be browsed by drug, gene or target, with links to primary data sources, and will include information on biomarker-associated proteins, genes, diseases and drugs. Press release

> A validated multigene expression signature could be used to distinguish between metastasizing and non-metastasizing oral cancer, avoiding unnecessary treatment for some patients. Abstract | Editorial

> A gene and its protein could predict severity of asthma and hay fever, and lead to better treatments. More

> Heavy cannabis use has been linked with an increased risk of schizophrenia for many years, and a gene, NRG1, already associated with schizophrenia, may also have a role in cannabis dependence. Press release

> Acceleron Pharma has presented data on two new biomarkers at the 2012 Markers in Cancer Conference--activin A as an adverse biomarker for patients with metastatic breast cancer, and BMP9 as a biomarker for the identification and selection of patients with head and neck cancer. Press release

> An international consortium has linked 21 genes with cholesterol levels. Press release

> A screen using enzymes routinely monitored for liver function is also a good predictor of liver cancer risk in the general population. Press release

> Astute Medical's NephroCheck test has been given a CE mark, allowing sales in Europe. Article

And Finally… Genes that cause cancer in humans change the color of the butts of fruit flies! Press release