Biomarkers predict pre-diabetes; White blood cell markers tag depression;

> Inform Genomics' lead platform product OnPART has met the primary goal for the first phase of development by identifying single letter changes in the genetic code that could predict a person's risk of side effects from cancer chemotherapy. Press release

> German researchers have found markers that indicate pre-diabetes. Press release | Abstract

> Gene expression in white blood cells has been linked with major depressive disorder. Abstract

> Retina thickness might predict the progression of MS. Article

> Circulating microRNAs could mark bile duct blockages in babies. Abstract

> Researchers get a grant to spot asthma biomarkers in the breath. Story

> Measuring the interstitial fluid pressure within a tumor could help doctors spot aggressive cancers. Press release | Abstract

> Genetic variants point out risk of Barrett's esophagus, which can lead to cancer. Abstract

And Finally… Researchers point a finger at a Raynaud's syndrome biomarker? Blog post