Biomarkers help identify heart-attack risks

> Even though the approach is still considered investigative, clinical trials using biomarkers to guide therapy in systolic heart failure have shown that the procedure may help identify patients at risk of hospitalization, heart attack or death. Story

> WMFE, Central Florida's public radio station, filed a brief report on prostate and breast cancer biomarker research at Florida State University. Story, with link to audio

> Svati Shah of Duke University divines heart disease through biomarkers. Story

> Biomarkers in pediatric heart failure: Their role in diagnosis and evaluating disease progression. Abstract

> Arizona State University Researcher, writing in Nature: Bring on the biomarkers. News | Abstract

> If you're free on Sept. 9, 2011, head on over to London for an event from European Scientific Conferences: Biomarkers for Personalized Health Care. Announcement