Biomarkers help detect lung cancer in nonsmokers; Orasi, Biogen team on biomarkers;

> About a quarter of all lung cancer cases are found in those who have never smoked. As more smoking prevention and cessation programs are implemented, biomarkers might be a rapid, noninvasive way to confirm lung cancer in smokers and nonsmokers alike. Report

> Nutrition and inflammation serum biomarkers are associated with 12-week mortality among malnourished adults initiating antiretroviral therapy in Zambia. Abstract

> Orasi Medical and Biogen Idec have hooked up to test biomarkers for central nervous system disorders. They plan to use Orasi's magnetoencephalography technology "to assess the integrity of brain communication networks in real time and measure brain function in patients." Release

> Utile or futile: biomarkers in the ICU. Abstract

> Scientists are continuing their work on the Biomarker-integrated Approaches of Targeted Therapy for Lung Cancer Elimination trial (or BATTLE trial) and presented updated results. More here

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