BD debuts AutoShield Duo

BD has introduced its AutoShield Duo, a next-generation, 5mm safety-engineered pen needle to protect healthcare workers from needlestick injuries and blood exposure. 

The AutoShield Duo is the only pen needle with front and back-end protection. The safety mechanisms activate automatically after use, diminishing potential exposure risk.

"Needlestick injuries pose clear risks to clinicians and healthcare staff," said Dr. Laurence Hirsch, BD Medical - Diabetes Care, VP global medical affairs, in a statement. "BD AutoShield Duo is unique because it virtually eliminates front and back-end needle exposure after use automatically--and ensures effective and reliable delivery of insulin and other subcutaneous medications where they are intended."

York, PA-based Unilife ($UNIS) also has been making strides in protecting healthcare workers from accidental needlestick injuries with its safety syringes. It also has launched a line of auto-injectors meant for the rising numbers of patients who inject themselves outside a healthcare setting.

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