Axis-Shield, CVS Caremark's MinuteClinic ink deal

Axis-Shield has agreed to provide an Afinionanalyzer for each of the approximately 600 CVS MinuteClinic locations in the U.S. so diabetes patients can obtain access to hemoglobin A1c test results within three minutes.

"We are pleased to be partnering with the largest provider of walk-in medical clinics to bring the simplicity and reliability of Afinion directly to patients, enabling widespread access to routine hemoglobin A1c testing," Axis-Shield CEO Ian Gilham said in a statement.

The move comes roughly a month after Alere ($ALR) reached an agreement to buy Axis-Shield after modestly increasing its proposed purchase price to £235 million. The agreement ended months of back and forth between the two companies over what Axis-Shield considered an inadequate bid.

This MinuteClinic deal could fit in well with Alere's plans. Alere, which until the buyout was a rival of Axis-Shield, wanted the Scottish/Norwegian company primarily for its point-of-care technology, as the BBC notes.

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