AstraZeneca health app moves into cardio

Fit2Me on iOS--Courtesy of Apple App Store

AstraZeneca’s Fit2Me program is spreading its wings. The program is being extended to include resources for patients dealing with issues that come along with cardiovascular risk and disease.

The addition of cardiovascular components finds Fit2Me joining the few health management tools that allow individuals to create a diet and exercise plan based on preferences as well as areas of health challenges.

Fit2Me offers personalized plans to help individuals address health challenges across 5 prevalent conditions and diseases: Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, heart attack, high blood pressure and high triglycerides. “Fit2Me also personalizes each user’s plan to accommodate their food and activity preferences,” AstraZeneca explained.

A feature that users may find helpful is the Fit My Fridge feature, which helps to build a healthy meal based on ingredients a user already has on hand. This can help folks cook up diabetes- and heart-friendly meals last-minute. Users type in the ingredients they have on hand, and Fit2Me offers up recipes using those ingredients.

“People living with cardiovascular disease frequently deal with a wide range of risk factors that impact everyday health but, importantly, many of these risk factors are modifiable,” said William Boden, scientific director for the clinical trials network of the VA Boston Healthcare System. “A program like AstraZeneca’s Fit2Me customizes support so that patients can more effectively manage complexities associated with their chronic conditions as well as achieve and sustain lifestyle changes that fit naturally within their daily lives.”

The Fit2Me program not only helps encourage healthier food and activity choices, but also comes with digital coaches who help individuals through the process and celebrate success along the way.

Fit2Me has had over 1.4 million visitors since its 2014 launch, boasts over 10,000 diabetes- and heart-healthy recipes--based off of American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association criteria--and offers 500 physical activities and exercises. This is all offered for free on the Fit2Me site, and on both Android and iOS apps.

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